Preliminary Programme


8:30am-5pm: registration

9-9:10am opening remarks

9:10-10am opening keynote: Reverse-Engineering Trust
Igor Muttik, McAfee Labs™

10-10:30am break

10:30 – 12pm  Trusted Computing

KISS: “Key it Simple and Secure” Corporate Key Management
Zongwei Zhou, Jun Han, Yue-Hsun Lin, Adrian Perrig and Virgil Gligor

Guardian: Hypervisor As Security Foothold for Personal Computers
Yueqiang Cheng and Xuhua Ding

Improving Trusted Tickets with State-Bound Keys
Jan Nordholz, Ronald Aigner and Paul England

12-1:30pm lunch & poster session

1:30-3pm Applied Cryptography & System Security

Group Signatures on Mobile Devices: Practical Experiences
Klaus Potzmader, Johannes Winter, Daniel Hein, Christian Hanser, Peter Teufl and Liqun Chen

Limiting Data Exposure in Monitoring Multi-domain Policy Conformance
Mirko Montanari, Jun Ho Huh, Rakesh B. Bobba and Roy H. Campbell

Towards Trustworthy Network Measurements
Ghassan Karame

3-3:30pm break

3:30-4:30pm Hardware Implementations

Stochastic model of a Metastability-based True Random Number Generator
Molka Benromdhane, Tarik Graba and Jean-Luc Danger

Semi-Automated Prototyping of a TPM v2 Software and Hardware Simulation Platform
Martin Pirker and Johannes Winter

4:30-4:45pm break

4:45-5:15pm Code Analysis

A Framework for Evaluating Mobile App Repackaging Detection Algorithms
Heqing Huang, Sencun Zhu, Peng Liu and Dinghao Wu

5:15-6pm Update on currenct activities of the Trusted Computing Group
Graeme Proudler, Hewlett-Packard Limited

6-6:30pm free time

6:30-8:30pm reception on conference site

During the reception, Kim Winter from Imperial has kindly offered to be a guide for a tour of the Queen’s Tower on campus, next to the reception site. Each tour can have at most 9 delegates. You can sign up for these tours on a first come first serve basis at the registration desk. Please bear in mind that there are over three-hundred stairs to climb and that, although the ascent and decent are safe, people with vertigo or claustrophobia should not attend the tours.


8:30am-5pm: registration

9-10am keynote: On the importance of enabling trust in the information space
Sadie Creese, University of Oxford, UK

10-10:30am break

10:30 – 12pm User Trust Design

Granddaughter Beware! An Intergenerational Case Study of Managing Trust Issues in the Use of Facebook
Ann Light and Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Contextualized Web warnings, and how they cause distrust
Steffen Bartsch, Melanie Volkamer, Fatih Karayumak and Heike Theuerling

All In: Targeting Trustworthiness for Special Needs User Groups in the Internet of Things
Trenton Schulz, Christina Hochleitner, Marc Busch, Manfred Tscheligi, Mario Lorenz and Eckhart Wittstock

12-1:30pm lunch & poster session

1:30-3pm Mobile Applications

Tapping and Tripping with NFC
Sandeep Tamrakar and Jan-Erik Ekberg

TEEM: A User-oriented Trusted Mobile Device for Multi-platform Security Applications
Wei Feng, Dengguo Feng, Ge Wei, Yu Qin, Qianying Zhang and Dexian Chang

TRUMP: A Trusted Mobile Platform for Self-Management of Chronic Illness in Rural Areas
Chris Burnett, Peter Edwards, Timothy Norman, Liang Chen, Yogachandran Yogachandran Rahulamathavan, Mariesha Jaffray and Edoardo Pignotti

3-3:30pm break

3:30-4:30pm Trust Practices

Trust Domains: An Algebraic, Logical, and Utility-theoretic Approach
Gabrielle Anderson, Matthew Collinson and David Pym

“Fairly truthful”: The impact of perceived effort, fairness, relevance, and sensitivity on personal data disclosure
Miguel Malheiros, Sören Preibusch and M. Angela Sasse

4:30-5:15: break

5:15-7pm: travel on 1961 Vintage Red Bus to dinner site: Shaka Zulu

7-11:30pm conference dinner (awards of best poster and papers) and return on Vintage Bus to conference site


8:30am-9am: registration

9-10am keynote: Digital forensic and security, a future?
Mark Stokes, DEFS

10-10:30am break

10:30 – 11.30pm Code Analysis

First-Class Labels: Using Information Flow to Debug Security Holes
Eric Hennigan, Christoph Kerschbaumer, Per Larsen, Stefan Brunthaler and Michael Franz

Towards Precise and Efficient Information Flow Control in Web Browsers
Christoph Kerschbaumer, Eric Hennigan, Per Larsen, Stefan Brunthaler and Michael Franz

11:30-11:45pm: closing

11:45-1pm: pick up of lunch boxes